Dear All,

Warm Greetings

We all are experiencing a growing demand in the quality of teaching – learning, and research activities related to Statistical Sciences in the university level courses   in our country.  During this process, we all are continuously facing different types of problems related to our academic activities, particularly teaching – learning and research. Sitting together and sharing the ideas and opinions among each other will definitely help us to develop the common working solution for those problems. For this, Nepal Statistical Society (NeSS) is glad to initiate an e-meeting (on 32 Jestha, Sunday, in Google Meet, 14:00-16:00) among respective faculty members and experts working in different universities and academic institutions on different capacities.

 Interaction and discussion will be strictly based on the following thematic area:

Problem and Challenges on Teaching-Learning Activities, and Practices with Reference to Statistical Sciences in Context of Nepalese Universities and Academic Institutions”.

Two teams will be formed for the discussion.

Team one consists of  those interested faculty members, teaching in different universities and academic institutions inside Nepal , who wish to participate in the program , have to send their concerns with probable working solution  in bullet points in email by Thursday, Jestha 29(midnight) to NeSS Secretory Mr. Yogesh Man Shrestha(yogeshmans@yahoo.com).

Second team consists of the panel experts who will study all those faculty concerns and probable solutions and provide their expert opinion and suggestions. Expert team consists of four professors, namely, Prof. Shrijanlal Shrestha, Prof. Shankar Khanal, Prof. Ram Khatiwada, and Prof. Vikash Raj Satyal.

There will be two aspects for the  discussions:

  1. a)Major Problems and challenges of teaching-learning activities and practices (in theoretical/applied research) that you are facing during your academic career
  2. b)
  3. b)Based on your experiences, please mention  your suggestions that if implemented  by respective  Universities  administration, higher authorities of universities  and other stake holders like  teachers, and students would help to  overcome those problems to improve the quality of teaching/learning and practices, so that competent human resources,  and standard quality work can be produced in the coming days.

All faculties are requested to provide their concerns/views and solutions  on the above two aspects in short, clear, non-descriptive bullet points before date  on aforementioned email address

Modality of the discussion will be as followings:

 In the first half  of the program , expert opinion  will be delivered by senior professors (orderly,  Shankar Khanal, Vikash Satyal, Ram Katiwada, Srijanlal Shrestha), addressing all  the issues raised by faculties  On the Second half of the program, floor  will be open for all other faculties  for  additional discussion on the issues. Finally, a concluding remarks by HoD Central Department & Dean will be made.

With best regards and wishes for the discussion forum.

Vikash Raj Satyal

(President, NeSS)